I'm going back to New York!

I’m going back to The TCS New York City Marathon on behalf of Honey Stinger!

Honey Stinger gave away entries to the NYC marathon to three of their ambassadors and I was lucky enough to be picked to be on the Honey Stinger team!

I am a big fan of Honey Stinger products and am honored to represent this company in the NYC Marathon next November.

I tried multiple products and the fuel would make me feel better running, but they would be hard to consume during training or races and sometimes the products would upset my stomach. I thought maybe this was just the reality of long distance running and maybe I would just have to push through the upset stomach and gulp down thick gels or difficult to chew gummies, then I tried a friend’s Honey Stinger waffle and chews during a training run and fell in love. 

Since I have a history with eating disorders, I have to be extremely diligent in making sure I am eating enough food, and enough of the right food to fuel me to compete. Running is my passion. I have big goals and now I understand I cannot achieve these goals without giving my body the right types of fuel.

Now I eat a Honey Stinger waffle before my training runs and races and I eat Honey Stinger chews during my training runs and races. I used Honey Stinger before and during the OKC Memorial Marathon in April and PR’d by nearly 8 minutes and again at the Jack and Jill Downhill Marathon in July and PR’d by another 11 minutes making my fastest marathon time a 3:23:57. These PRs were a huge accomplishment for me, but what was even more amazing was I felt energized throughout each race since I was properly fueled.

From the very beginning of my running career, 11ish years ago, I dreamed of running the NYC Marathon. I said that’s how I wanted to see NYC for the first time, on foot, in the biggest marathon in the world.

I was lucky enough to be selected as a NYC Marathon lottery winner last year. The race was amazing. One of the best days of my life! I kept saying to myself “this is incredible” as I ran through the streets of NYC. 

I am ecstatic that I am able to run the NYC Marathon again this year and I am so honored to be able to represent Honey Stinger. Honey Stinger has helped make it possible for me to run faster in the marathon than I dreamed possible and now I get to run New York while representing this wonderful company. 

Thank you, Honey Stinger!

Here is the fuel plan I used during my last two marathons:

Pre-race: One Honey Stinger Waffle

Mile 4: 2-3 chews

Mile 7: 2-3 chews

Mile 10: 2-3 chews

Mile 13: 2-3 chews

Mile 16: 2-3 chews

Mile 19: 2-3 chews

Water and Gatorade/Powerade as needed along the course.

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