I Did a Podcast!

I did a podcast! Which is a big deal for me, because I really hate to hear myself speak. ;) 

Denny "Diz" Krahe is a runner and coach out of Florida who has an awesome blog and does really wonderful podcast interviews with runners all over the country.

Diz and I share a common interest, we love running and we love talking about it. 

My friends Carlee and Christie of Wahoo! Running both recently did podcasts with Diz and talked me into doing one and I'm so glad I did. 

In my podcast with Diz I talk about some of the things I have touched base on in my blogs: my start to running, my eating disorder, my devastating first marathon, and the power of a team and support system. 

Be sure to check out the other podcasts, blogs, and running resources on DizRuns.com. Diz really is a great running guru for new and veteran runners. 

Click HERE to check out my podcast with Diz! I hope you enjoy.